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Guest Survey


Personal Info


Your Arrival

Overall apperance of the lobby
Welcome on arrival
Check in experience
Accuracy of your reservation details

Your Room

Comfort of bed and pillows
Choice of T.V. Channels
Quality of internet connection


Quality of your breackfast
Quality of service

Restaurant and Bar

Quality of meal
Quality of room service (in room dining)
Quality of service

SPA Facilities

Variety and quality of facilities and services
Quality of service

Meeting and Events

Was your stay in connection with an event held in this hotel?

Your departure

Check out experience
Farewell on departure
Value received for price paid
On a scale from 0 to 10 what tis the likelihood you would recommend us to a colleague or friend?

Problem solving

Did you have any problems during your stay?


Privacy & Security
Quality of business services (Business Centre)
Please share your thoughts on how we can improve our products and services


Finally, we are passionate about taking good care of our guests. Please let us know how well we did on this occasion
We made your stay simple and easy
Our employees went out of their way to delight you
Your felt valued as a guest